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MUSA intimates is a lingerie brand that strives for a world in which feeling comfortable in your own skin is the new ideal of beauty.

The undies are made from banana textile. This fabric breathes, cools and is water-repellent. Perfect for your vagina!

The lingerie fabric is made from leftovers from the banana plant. In this way, MUSA intimates contribute to a sustainable world in which the woman also feels strong and sexy.

1 april 2020: MUSA intimate talk EP1: Introduction

15 april 2020: MUSA intimate talk EP2: Het plastisch museum

29 april 2020: MUSA intimates talk EP3: Women in literature


13 mei 2020: MUSA intimate talk EP4: Girlhood

27 mei 2020: MUSA intimate talk EP5: Women in music

10 juni 2020: MUSA intimate talk EP6: Dress up..for WHAT?



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